Intro to the Craziness

We have moved a lot over the years, most recently to New Jersey from Texas. My oldest has lived in 5 states in his short 6 years of life. One thing that I have found is the older you get, the harder it is to adjust to new surroundings. So far, we haven’t had any resistance from the kids about our moves and it has been much harder for Brad and me. I am not sure if Luke would have been more resistant this time if he hadn’t moved so much before, but when we told him he said “I’ll go anywhere as long as I’m with my family”! Cute right?? The twins are only two, so they unfortunately won’t even remember Texas.

After gaining some experience with moving across the country, I’ve compiled some resources and lists of things to do to keep the kids happy and content, and to take a little stress off of already over-stressed mommies. Most of these things could be helpful whether you are moving within the same city or state, or across the country or world. I’ll be sharing them across several posts and then will put all the links together in one place:)

Until our next adventure!


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