I really struggled with leaving Texas. It’s really an amazing place to raise children. There were so many things to do with the kids! I was involved in two AMAZING groups of moms, the Keller Early Childhood PTA and the Lake Cities Moms of Multiples. I don’t think I’ll find another group where I will make connections and relationships like those I made in Texas, and I miss all of my friends there a lot.

But… we were so far away from our families. Being a family of five, flying was out of the question and driving 21 hours was something I could only handle once or twice a year at most. Now that we are closer, we have visited my sister-in-law twice, she has visited us, and we are going to my mom’s house and my in-laws’ for spring break. And we have only been here for 2 months! We will be able to go home for Christmas and Thanksgiving, and our kids will grow up playing with their cousins.

I have realized over the past two months that despite the cold and snow, the high cost of living, and all the Yankees fans, there’s no place I’d rather be. It’s all worth it to be able to make memories with our families, you just can’t put a price on that.

Until our next adventure,
Moving Mommy


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