Driving (Me Crazy)

Ella and Luke We have been traveling for the past few days. We drove from New Jersey to Ohio and spent a few days with my mom, and now we are in Michigan with Brad’s family for a few days. It’s wonderful being close enough to drive, and I always look forward to our trips. BUT, sometimes the driving with three kids in the back is enough to make me insane.

This time, I took all of my own advice so that things would go as smoothly as possible and for the most part they did. This is our first trip since the twins started talking though, so now there are three kids in the back seat fighting over which movie to watch, who is playing with which toy, screaming because they dropped something and can’t reach it, etc. I’m generally pretty good at blocking out the chaos, but it’s really hard when driving.

So, then I turned into the typical TV mom. We sang songs, which worked for awhile; until they started fighting over which song we would sing. At one point I remember myself saying something like “If you don’t stop screaming I am going to turn this car around and we are going home”!

I guess the moral of my story is that no matter how much you plan and how “experienced” you are at traveling and moving with kids, something will always go wrong and part of your trip will probably be miserable. But the end result is worth it!!!

Until our next adventure,
Moving Mommy


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