Outdoor FUN!!!!

Spring is finally here!! We have vegetables sprouting, the trees are blooming, and the grass is growing!! Moving to New Jersey in the winter after being in Texas for two years what quite the shock to the kids. It was difficult for them to be cooped up inside for three months, and I am so glad that we can finally be outside!!!


During the spring and summer I try to do at least one of the two activities that I do per day outside. Sometimes just playing outside is our activity for the day. The kids love being outside and love to dig and explore in the back yard. Digging for “treasure” is one of their favorite things to do!! I have set aside one small area in the back yard for digging and things, otherwise we may not have any grass left.


We are starting to get the back yard set up, now we just need the sandbox and the rest of the garden! Brad built the playhouse around himself and then had to crawl through the door. It was hilarious and I would post a picture, but I don’t think he would appreciate that very much!


The twins have been really into pretend play lately, which is great. They were playing Mommy and Daddy in the playhouse, which I thought was really cute. It’s also been really great for Luke, who now can enjoy playing with them a little more!! Enjoy the weather!!

Until our next adventure,
Moving Mommy


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