Moving Resources Part 2

Once you have narrowed down your choice of cities to live in, you still have the difficult task of finding a home! As I mentioned in a previous post, your realtor will be your greatest asset. It does help, however, to look for yourself as well. As things come up on the market that you are interested in, you can email them to your realtor and he/she can give you the inside scoop.

We have used Coldwell Banker for the last few moves and have not been disappointed. The realtors have been great, and the website is equally as good. allows you to search by multiple cities, which is really convenient. Some sites that I have come across only let you search one city at a time, which can be frustrating. You just enter the cities you would like to search along with your wishlist (beds, baths, etc) and houses are listed. This works for both buyers and renters. You can also set up email alerts, so when a new house that meets your criteria comes on the market you will be notified.

A fairly new site that I found before this move is It offers many of the same features as Coldwell Banker, and I actually prefer the way the school information is displayed on Trulia. It gives the actual Great Schools ratings, which you can click on to find out more information. Trulia also has an app, which is super convenient while out searching! Coldwell Banker gives state ratings in many areas, but those can be difficult to decipher. I recommend using both of these sites, as some houses will only be on one or the other.

I have also used and I liked them both, but they are a little less user friendly and I just had better luck with Trulia and Coldwell Banker. But, the more resources you have the better!

Craigslist is hit or miss and I would only recommend using it if you are renting and if you are familiar with the area. When we found out we were having the twins we needed a bigger house and we found one on Craigslist. We had already lived in the area though, and knew exactly where we wanted to live so there was less risk of ending up somewhere we didn’t want to be!

If anyone has any other great resources feel free to comment!

Until our next adventure,
Moving Mommy


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