Worst Parenting Day Ever

Let me preface this by saying that I love my children more than anything in this world, and I thank God for their health and happiness everyday. I’m just having a bad day…

I cannot wait for this phase to be over. I know that in a previous post I said things like “I need to try to let them be toddlers because they won’t be for much longer”, but they must have been having a good day. Either that or someone spiked my coffee. Because after holding on to my sanity with a thread for the past 2 years, I’m pretty sure I went over the edge today. Maybe it is because there are two of them, maybe they are just extra challenging, maybe I’m a terrible parent. I’m not sure, but I know that Luke was never like this.

The day started out with everyone wanting something different for breakfast. There was no compromising going on this morning. We ran to the store and when we got home Will refused to go in the house. When I say refuse, I mean kicked and screamed as I carried him in the house and into time out. After he came out of time out, he got angry again and hit me in the face. Back to time out kicking and screaming. Then we went to baseball practice. I couldn’t get Will to sit in his car seat and he was crawling all over the car. Finally got him strapped in and off we went. The practice itself wasn’t too bad, other than Ella hitting her head and Will falling on his face. Then we went to the playground after, which was my biggest mistake. I usually say no, but I feel bad for Luke because he never gets to play with his friends after practice. I couldn’t get them to leave the park. By this time, they were tired and did not want to go home. I had to have another mom watch Ella while I carried a kicking and screaming Will to the car. He wouldn’t sit in his seat and I literally had to climb in the car and sit on him to get him buckled. By this time I was crying. Then I had to go back to the playground and carry a kicking and screaming Ella to the car. It was not pretty, not at all. I could feel the eyes of parents with only one child on me, which made me infuriated and sad. I was once one of those parents that couldn’t figure out why other’s kids acted out, and now it is like I have lost all control of my family. When we got home, Ella was ok but Will continued to cry for another 30 minutes. I had to snuggle with him on the couch because he had no idea why he was even crying anymore. Then, as suddenly as it all started, it was over. They were the sweet cuddly little children that I so adore.

So that’s it. I’m living in tantrum city with 2 2.5 year-olds who refuse to go to the bathroom in the potty and have at least two meltdowns per day. But I’ve heard that it will end. At some point having twins will have to get easier. I just hope it’s sooner than later!!! Thanks for listening, I’ll be back to fun stuff tomorrow!!

Until our next adventure,
Moving Mommy


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