Sensory Play Day: Spaghetti Painting!


Today I threw together this fairly simple sensory activity for Ella and Will with things that I had lying around the house. Sometimes the beauty of sensory play is how simple it can be and still get their minds really working and learning to feel, touch, see, and smell things. I don’t know about you, but my littles love to play with their food, especially spaghetti. I would prefer that they keep it on the fork, but that is still difficult for them and it ends up all over my dining room. I figured that actually being allowed to paint with spaghetti would be a big hit, and it was!

I whipped up some finger paint (you can find the recipe here) and grabbed some items that I thought would be fun to paint with; sponges, rocks, cars, foam letters, cooked spaghetti, and paintbrushes. I put the kids in clothes they had outgrown and we headed out to the back porch. I would definitely recommend doing this either outside or somewhere without carpet:) It didn’t take them long to dig right in!

IMG_2828IMG_2831 IMG_2833

Will really liked the marks the cars made through the paint and Ella loved the sponges. By the time they were finished they had gone through several different pieces of paper. They enjoyed naming the colors of both the paints and the mediums they were using to paint with. Ella liked squishing the paint between her fingers, but Will prefers to stay a little cleaner (He does not like anything that can be identified as squishy in general!).

Overall, I think it was a great sensory activity. Next time I think that I will add some essential oils to the paint so they have different smells. It would be fun to see if they can identify the different scents! I hope everyone had a great week!!

Until our next adventure,

Moving Mommy


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