It Finally Happened…

I am very fortunate that my twins have been very good sleepers from the beginning. By 4 months old they were sleeping through the night and took a three-hour nap every day. Lately, they have been putting up resistance to going to sleep (especially at nap time), and some days haven’t napped at all. I put them in there and they just play in their cribs for two hours until I get fed up and take them out.

Cribs, you ask?! Yes, my 2.5 year old twins still sleep in their cribs and I had no intention of switching them over to toddler beds until I absolutely had to. After seeing what my sister-in-law goes through, I decided that until they gained enough self-control to go to bed without a fuss I would keep them in their cribs. Luke was barely 2 when we switched him to his toddler bed, and I put him in his room every night and every morning he would be in our bed. No bueno! I figured that if the twins hadn’t crawled out by now they never would. Until today.

It was nap time, and I could hear them in there talking but didn’t think anything of it. I heard Will say “I dropped Mario!” and Ella said “I’ll get it, WeeWee (that’s what she calls Will)”. Still, I didn’t think that she would actually climb out. Then BOOOOOM. Uh-oh. I ran in there and sure enough, Ella had face planted on the floor. She was hysterical and I was terrified that she had seriously injured herself. After looking her over and checking for bumps and bruises, I was relieved to see that she came away from it with only some rug burn on her face. Whew, thank goodness.

I put her back in the crib and told her not to do that ever again. They both went to sleep, but it’s probably the last time I’ll get a good nap out of them. The hubby is off tomorrow and will be putting the toddler beds together. Now I just have to empty their bedroom so they can’t hurt themselves or each other in there!! Wish us luck!!!!!


Until our next adventure,

Moving Mommy


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