Simple Sorting Fun


I am a big fan of simple, educational tools that keep the littles occupied while I have something I need to do, and this is one of the twins’ favorites. These are little sorting bears with matching colored cups, and simple as they are, they keep them occupied for hours. They enjoy sorting them by colors into the corresponding cups and counting them as they go. Both of these are essential skills that we have been working on, and it’s encouraging to see them implementing the things that they are learning in their play.


I also give them various tools to use to sort the bears, which is great for their fine motor skills. Here they are using spoons, but we sometimes use tweezers or tongs. If they start to get frustrated with the spoons I just tell them it is ok and direct them towards doing it with their fingers again. I am a big fan of open-ended play and letting them lead the way. It is the best way to know what they are and aren’t ready for, and I believe that they learn far more through actually experiencing and doing than having someone standing in front of them teaching.

These particular bears can be found for around $10 on Amazon here. Stay tuned for my next post about Sewing to Rebuild, which is a charity effort for the families affected by the terrible tornado in Oklahoma!

Until our next adventure,

Moving Mommy


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