Sensory Play Day- Jello Dinosaur World


We arrived home from Ohio on Tuesday afternoon, and spent most of the day Wednesday trying to run errands and recuperate from the trip. I will be posting about our trip in the next couple of days, I just haven’t uploaded all of the photos yet!

This week I decided to use Jell-O as our medium for sensory play. It’s bright, squishy, smells, and tastes great! My initial plan was to make a frog pond, but last night after making the Jell-O I realized that I didn’t have any toy frogs lying around. I do have about 100 dinosaurs though! I bought the foam flowers and grass at Dollar Tree a couple of months ago for $1 and only used about 1/10 of the pack, so this was an inexpensive activity as well. I used two packs of Jell-O and just used a glass mixing bowl (because it was clear, plastic would work just the same). I put a few small glass rocks in the bottom while it was still in liquid form, and added the rest after it had set.


At first they just played with the dinosaurs on top of the Jell-O, moving them around and deciding which ones were mommy and which ones were daddy dinos.

IMG_2925 IMG_2926

Then, they realized that it was squishy and smelled good! They started poking the dinosaurs into it and making them swim through the “smelly water”, as they called it. They played for a good thirty minutes before Ella figured that if it smelled good, it probably tasted good too! She started picking up the flowers and licking them.


They really enjoyed it, Ella even told me she loves “dinosaur world”! If they are happy and get to explore something, I am happy too!! We will definitely be using Jell-O again. Stay tuned for my Memorial Day weekend recap and gardening posts this week!

Until our next adventure,

Moving Mommy


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