Date Night?!

Tomorrow night my husband and I are headed into the city for a concert and leaving the littles with a sitter. For the first time ever, I’m nervous about it. No, not nervous, SCARED. And I’m not scared that something is going to happen to the kids, or that the sitter is going to be terrible. I’m terrified that my kids are going to act completely insane. I may only live 10 miles from NYC, but I can’t just jump across the Hudson and get there whenever I please. It takes at least 90 minutes, so if there are problems it won’t be pretty.

When we lived in Texas, we had plenty of date nights and there were nights that I had to be away for meetings and things. They were always well-behaved, but that was before the terrible twos kicked in. It was also before they started fighting going to bed most nights. I think that is what I’m most concerned about.

They can go from this…


To this…


In about 2.5 seconds.

Will has developed separation anxiety, which I haven’t had to deal with before. I have been trying to warm them up to the idea that a sitter will be coming and how much fun it will be. Will told me he didn’t like the sitter (He’s never met her). Not a good start. Maybe they will surprise me, let’s hope so. My husband and I haven’t gone out in over 6 months, I would like to not wait that long again!!!

In other news, potty training is going well! Woohoo!! Also, I’m pretty sure our area is the only one in the US that is still in school, and I am totally over this school year! All of my friends’ kids have been out for a while, and Luke’s last day isn’t until June 21! Is anyone else still in school?

We have a great month planned; including some really fun activities from some of my favorite blogs! Stay tuned!

Until our next adventure,

Moving Mommy


5 thoughts on “Date Night?!

  1. I think we may be neighbors as we live in North Jersey – about 10 miles from the G.W. Bridge.
    Have a great time on your date. Even if the kids are upset, they will get over it. That is not tragic. I know I am a dad and not a mom, and therefore think about it differently. Still, tragedy will not set in because you leave for the night.

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