Moving Resources Part 3- The Worst Part of Moving to Another State

The DMV, or MVC, or BMV. Whatever the state calls it, it is a total nightmare. And there is no way to avoid going there if you want to continue to drive. Living in Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, Texas, and New Jersey in the past six years, I’ve had my fair share of fun encounters with the DMV.

On my most recent trip, which was last week, I left in tears. They wouldn’t accept my marriage license (I used it in Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, Texas, and the Social Security office). After driving 30 minutes and waiting in line for an hour, I was not pleased to say the least. My husband also was not pleased because I completely overreacted! I ended up having my cousin get another certified copy and overnighting it to me from Ohio. Nightmare, but at least I’m legal now!

One of the worst parts is that every state has different requirements. Most states require a birth certificate, your drivers license from another state, and proof of residency. Some require a Social Security card. Some require random stuff that you wouldn’t think of! It’s never easy.

My best advice is to do your legwork online. Print and fill out anything you can at home, make sure you have certified copies of all your documents, and go during the middle of the week in the middle of the month if you can. Don’t wait until your plates are almost expired (like I did), just in case it takes more than one trip!

My husband didn’t have much better luck than I did. His car is financed, so they made him fax a form to the leinholder, and he has to wait until the state receives his title from them to get plates. Awesome, right?

I’m not by any means blaming the people that work there. It’s not their fault the laws are completely different in every state!

Until our next adventure,
Moving Mommy


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