Pick My Wedgie!

Today Ella came up to me and said “please pick my wedgie mommy!”. I just started laughing uncontrollably. Some of the things that are said in this house are pretty ridiculous. If someone were listening in on us they would think we are crazy! So I thought I’d share some of my favorite toddler conversations…

Me: Will, please take your hand out of your pants
Will: But I like my penis mommy!

Will: Ella has a stinky butt, can you clean it?

Luke: Ella just pulled on Will’s penis!
Me: Why doesn’t Will have pants on?
(Are you seeing a theme here? Will never has pants on!)

Ella: mommy, did you poop your pants?

Ella: I want a penis

Ella: Smell my feet mommy, they’re stinky

Ella: mommy, I have a booboo on my butt. Will you kiss it?

Ella: Dump the pee! I can’t pee on Will’s pee!

As I write this, I hear Ella say “I have a penis”. Will says “no you don’t”. Ella says “does mommy have a penis on her butt?”.

I seriously couldn’t make this stuff up. I hear more about body parts and bodily functions than an anatomy class. I don’t remember Luke talking about poop and penises all the time! Maybe it’s unique to boy/girl twins. I just know that I am ready for adult conversation by the time they go to bed.

Until our next adventure,
Moving Mommy


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