Fun Fall Felt Board

Did you know that felt sticks to felt?? Me neither, until I read this post about a felt weather board by my friend and blogger extraordinaire, Stephanie at Two-Daloo. Hop over to her site and check it out, she has a ton of amazing activities for the littles!

It got me thinking about all of the different things I could use a felt board for, so yesterday I threw one together and the kids LOVE it! We are going to be focusing on fall lessons for the next couple of weeks, so that’s what I started out with. It took me about an hour to make and it only cost me about $6.00!


I bought a piece of foam board at Dollar Tree, one large piece of felt, and several smaller ones. I used spray adhesive to attach the large felt to the board, then wrapped the edges around and secured it with hot glue. I used the smaller pieces of felt to make fall themed objects along with weather objects.


For the tree, I drew a tree with no leaves on the felt and cut it out along with leaves of different colors.


Then I cut out a big green piece to go on top of the tree and made some apples!


That’s what we have so far, and the twins have had a great time creating their own fall scenes!


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