Sensory Play Day- Apple Sensory Bin

I’m so excited for Fall! We have a lot of great Autumn themed activities planned for the next few weeks. One of my favorite things about this time of year is apples!! We are planning to go apple picking at the end of the month, and I can’t wait. I’ve already made apple chips and apple sauce and I think we are going to try caramel apples this weekend.

Continuing with our apple theme, I put together an apple sensory bin this morning. I used oats and scented it with powdered cider mix. I added a plastic apple and some red plastic leaves (I couldn’t find any small apples). The twins had a great time scooping the oats into our apple shaped colander!


We talked about how the oats smelled sweet and felt rough in their hands, and that apple started with A. We also sang the A song, they are starting to understand letters and the sounds that they make! I love watching their little minds work! They took turns counting the leaves, so we were able to incorporate a lot of learning into this sensory bin!

In other news, I got my results for the first part of the CPA exam… I passed! I couldn’t believe it! One part down, three more to go!

Until our next adventure,
Moving Mommy


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