Parents Think I’m Crazy

Today is a beautiful day, and after the 100 degree days last week I’m thankful for the chill in the air. Luke had soccer practice and a game this morning and I’m pretty sure a couple of the other parents there thought I was nuts. I don’t let my kids run rampant or anything, but while they are outdoors I let them explore. I think it’s good for them. So I let them lay in the grass and look up at the clouds. I enjoy listening to them talk about the different shapes the clouds make, their little imaginations were running wild! I had a parent tell me the grass was wet. I thanked her, but I knew it was damp and if it wasn’t bothering the twins, it didn’t bother me.

They were also digging in the dirt with sticks, which garnered me some strange looks. They told me they were going to dig for treasure and came back to excitedly show me the sticks and rocks they found. So yes, other parents may think I’m crazy but I really don’t care. I have kids, and I want them to play in the dirt and stomp in puddles and be amazed by nature and all it has to offer. They are only this small for a short time, and they learn so much through interacting with the world around them. The whole world, not just the clean parts!

Don’t worry, there was already a hole there! I wouldn’t let them dig up the grass at the park😉

Until our next adventure,
Moving Mommy


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