Happy Veterans Day!

I hope that everyone enjoys their Monday! Take the time to thank a veteran or serviceman or woman in your life, they will appreciate it!

We went to Ohio this weekend because Luke had a couple of days off school. On Friday night I went out for a drink with one of my friends, and a guy approached her to ask her if she had a cigarette. He said “I’m a soldier but don’t give me crap about it”. We thanked him for his service and it was clear that he wanted to talk about whatever happened, so we listened.

I took many things away from that conversation, the main one being that we do not appreciate them nearly enough. The fact that he was out trying to have a good time and people would say anything but thank you to him is mind blowing to me. He said “When the bullets start flying all we can think is I need to make it home”. That broke my heart. The majority of Americans have never been at work and had to worry about whether they will make it home to their families, we should be taking care of the ones who have. They have seen and endured things that most of us cannot even fathom, and even if they do make it home with no external wounds, most of them will come home forever changed. Many of them have wounds that we cannot see, and we need to do better for them.

Stay tuned, we are planning something to show our appreciation over the holidays!

Moving Mommy


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