Holiday Shopping Madness

The holiday shopping madness has already begun. Today I went to Target to pick up a few things for our trip this week, and I could already tell that the season had started. People were crabby, inconsiderate, and all over the place. What is it about shopping during this time of year that brings out the worst in people? I went to the store knowing that I would have to park far away, wait in line, and make my way through the crowd just to get a few toiletries. Doesn’t everyone realize that? I was ok with it, the world wasn’t going to stop because it took me 15 extra minutes in Target. I just don’t think it’s necessary to ram your cart into the lady pushing two kids because she’s not moving fast enough for you. Excuse me would be fine, really. Then as we were walking to the car, some crazy person almost ran over Will. Literally. He fell and instead of waiting for the three seconds it would take me to get him up, she decided to speed right by. The only problem was that she didn’t cut her wheel enough and I had to dive on top of him to prevent her from running over his hand. He was fine, but he was scared. A couple of people ran over to make sure he was ok, which was nice, but I think it scared him even more.

If you will be joining the masses this weekend, try to be patient and kind! I know we all want to save a little money on our holiday gifts, but remember that it’s not the gifts that this season is about. It’s about love and kindness and being grateful for what you have.So smile at the cashier working 12 hour days to provide a great Christmas for her kids, let the mom with all the kids cross the street without mowing her down, tip your server well, and be nice to other shoppers:)

Until our next adventure,
Moving Mommy


4 thoughts on “Holiday Shopping Madness

  1. That’s funny because around here I know the season has begun because everyone is so kind. People are humming holiday tunes, smiling and speaking as they walk down the aisle. It’s a beautiful thing!

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