Misconceptions of Stay-at-Home Moms


I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with the kids since the twins were born. I can’t believe I have been out of the real world for three years! It has been really fulfilling and really, really difficult. Especially since we moved here where I have no support system. The majority of my day is spent talking about poop, pee, or cartoons, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Our kids are little for such a short time, and I’m blessed to be able to spend so much time with them and to teach them while they are young!

I watched a video on Upworthy the other day that was really cute. It was a little girl talking about her mom, and she called her a doctor, a chef, an angel, and some other things. I took the video as being about all moms, not just those of us who don’t work outside the home currently. Then I read the comments, which is always a mistake. One comment really got under my skin. It went something like…

All of you stay-at-home moms should go out and get a job and do something with your lives. You’ll be sorry when your husband divorces you for a younger woman and you don’t have rights to his pension or salary. Then you’ll have to get a minimum wage job and the taxpayers will be paying for your kids.

Seriously?? I’ve heard some of the stereotypes, but I’ve never really been witness to one. That blanket statement pretty much says
A) All men are jerks
B) SAHMs are lazy
C) Raising productive citizens isn’t “doing something with your life”
D) SAHMs are uneducated and unqualified to be anything but a Walmart greeter (and there’s nothing wrong with being a Walmart greeter!)

Most SAHMs that I know don’t plan on doing it forever, I know that I don’t. And even if I did, that wouldn’t make my value as a person any less than someone who works full-time. Raising kids is hard, whether you work or not, and being a parent is important. Everyone’s situations are different, but we all try our best to be good parents and that’s what matters. We are all in this together, shouldn’t we be supportive of each other along the way?

Until our next adventure,
Moving Mommy


9 thoughts on “Misconceptions of Stay-at-Home Moms

  1. ohhhh myyyy I can’t believe someone really made that comment! It’s sad that some people even think that way… I saw the same video and thought it was beautiful! It made me cry because it hit home so hard. Being a stay at home mom is probably the hardest, toughest, longest, yet most rewarding and loving job EVER. 🙂

  2. I never had a clue what a stay at home mom did, until I became one. Apparently, I thought kids played like perfect angels all day long, they kept things clean, and all mom had to do was make their meals. If I only had a clue, I wouldn’t have been so hard on the moms I knew 🙂

    • I think I was the same way, especially when I worked and only had one kid:) It doesn’t bother me when people don’t understand how difficult it is, some people just take it a little too far!

  3. I truly believe stay at home moms are some of the busiest people I know! I don’t have children but currently I’m a stay at home wife and I swear I’m busier now than when I worked full time outside of the home. I have friends who think that just because I work at home that I have all kinds of free time and can spend hours on the phone or going out to lunch every day! Not true! Sometimes I think going back to work outside of the home would be easier! Thanks so much for sharing your post on the Wonderful Wednesday Link Party at Two Chics and a Blog. We hope you will come back next week!

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  6. I have encountered some negativity in the 6 years I have been a SAHM. I also moved to a place where I didn’t no anyone and found it tough and isolating. I now have some great new friends and have learn’t some amazing things about people and life along the way and all in all I wouldn’t change any of it even the not so great bits. Your right we should all support each other whatever work we do at home or out side of it. If some people are ignorant then that’s their choice and ultimately probably fuelled by their own insecurities and fear.

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