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I was reading an article the other day about the cost of child care, and while I remember it being expensive, I didn’t realize just how expensive. Before the twins were born I worked full-time, and Luke was in daycare. We spent about $9,000 per year, which is a lot, but I thought it was reasonable because we only had one child at the time. I still made enough to bring home a decent salary after child care. Then came the twins. We decided as soon as we found out that I wouldn’t be able to work. I mean, $27,000 per year? Can anyone afford that? That’s more than the majority of Americans pay for their mortgage or rent.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think that child care providers deserve every penny that they make, but how much of that do they really see? Considering the BLS shows the average child care workers’ salary is $19,510 per year and preschool teachers’ salary is $27,130, I would say not much. Can there really be $130,000 of overhead per classroom per year? I’m not sure, I guess it’s possible, especially in small centers. It doesn’t change the fact that child care is becoming more and more unattainable for the majority of Americans. I have a master’s degree and can’t afford to work. Seems crazy right?

In 2/3 of the US, child care for one year is more expensive than college at a public university. As parents, we are spending more money to get through the preschool years than we will spend to ship them off to college. Child care costs are rising faster than incomes. What are families supposed to do? Are we stepping back in time to a place where women will no longer be able to have a career and children?

I realize that these costs vary wildly by state and that some states are actually affordable. Most of them aren’t. The county where we live averages $12,000- $14,000 per child, per year. Full-time preschool is around $20,000 per child and doesn’t include summers.

What are your thoughts on child care costs? I would love to hear opinions from child care providers and those who work!!!!

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Bureau of Labor Statistics

Childcare Costs Continue to Rise

7 thoughts on “Child Care

  1. Daycare is so expensive, and then the “good” ones are totally unreachable. We decided it wasn’t worth it, and I stayed home (we had some other considerations, like bonding/attachment with our adopted twins). I am SO jealous of the French creche system. So jealous and confused. Free? Really? Highly trained childcare professionals? And, FREE? I need me some creche.

  2. When my son was in daycare, I was extremely grateful I only had one. It was about $1200 a week for daycare/preschool. I could have sent him to one that was $200 a week but those kids are always sick and stuck in cribs all day. Children are expensive no matter what. I feel like 3/4 of my salary goes straight to my son between school and extra-curriculars.

  3. They say these says people spend as much on childcare as they will on their kids university! Where I live it would be $4000+ per month to have my three kids in daycare. Iwouldn’t be able to work. So I work days, hubs works nights, and we have different days off to make it all work. I agree, these people are watching our most important things so they need to be paid accordingly but as a parent you can’t afford to!

    • I know, I hate to complain about it. My kids are the most important thing in the world to me, so paying someone a good salary to watch them makes sense. Unfortunately, it’s just not feasible for most parents in our area. It will feel like we hit the lottery when the twins start school and I go back to work!;)

      • Oh I know. My twins were born Jan 4 and I had my heart set on them being 2012 babies because everyone told me twins come early (not mine, I was induced) and then they could have started school a whole year sooner!

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