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I don’t know about you, but I’m always searching for good books for my kids. Luke LOVES reading, and he flies through books like crazy. He started the Magic Tree House series a few months ago and has already read almost all 51 of them! We don’t have a library (I know, what town doesn’t have a library?? One with only a few thousand people I guess!), and at $5 per book we will soon be in the poor house! I came across KiteReaders awhile back and decided to become a Raise-A-Reader Ambassador.

KiteReaders is a publishing platform for authors and publishers to promote and distribute their children’s e-books. They have only been around for about 18 months and have already won numerous awards for their books. Basically, I choose a book to review and they send it to my Amazon account. Luke gets to read it for free, and in exchange I leave my review on Amazon or the blog (Don’t worry, I won’t be constantly writing book reviews!).

My first review is of the book Zombie Kids Go Green by Julia Dweck. Here is what I thought…

My kids really loved this book! The book rhymes, which is always a plus and keeps the kids entertained. It touches on environmental issues such as recycling, wasting energy, and composting. The illustrations are bright and colorful, very well done. The zombies are not frightening in any way and had my kids laughing the whole way through.

I would say the book falls at a first grade reading level. It is not a chapter book, but is more difficult than your typical short (20 page) book. Words like recycling keep it challenging, but my 7 year-old had no problems with it. He read it to my 3 year-old twins and they were all engaged and giggling the whole way through!


Zombie-Kids Go Green (KiteReaders Monster Series) You can purchase the book from Amazon through this link:)

Happy Friday everyone!

Moving Mommy


One thought on “Kite Readers Ambassador

  1. Hi Kristina,

    Thank you so much for writing a book review on “Zombie-Kids Go Green”! It’s quite the favorite among young kids and I’m glad to hear your child enjoyed it too!

    Sonia from KiteReaders

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