New Year’s Resolutions


Did you know that only approximately 8% of people actually keep their new year’s resolutions? Sounds about right:) I think I’ve made a million of them throughout my lifetime and only kept a few. This year instead of making resolutions, I decided that I would make some goals for the year and try to make them realities. I also figured that if I put those goals out there for everyone to see, I’d be much more likely to work toward them! So, here they are!

1. Run a half-marathon- The current plan is to run either the New Jersey half-marathon or the North Face Endurance Challenge in May, but I’m unsure if I’ll be ready by then. I’m starting to train now and I’ll do my best!

2. Finish the CPA exam- This isn’t a goal, it is a must! I have three more sections to take, and I would like to have them done by the beginning of July. That means lots of studying between now and then!

3. Become a better blogger- October and November were great months for the blog, but I have so many other ideas to implement! I need to dedicate more time to writing and take the time to move to a self-hosted site.

4. Reduce my reliance on electronics- This is a hard one for me. It seems that half of my life is spent on the computer or iPad. I need to spend more time playing with the kids and enjoying the outdoors. So, basically the exact opposite of goal #3:)

Those are my biggest ones for the year! Do you make new year’s resolutions? If so, what are yours for this year? I’d love to hear them!!

Until our next adventure,
Moving Mommy


I’m Back!!!

I’m finally done! (At least for the next ten days) I spent nearly an entire month without leaving my house other than to grocery shop. I know, nominate me for mom of the year. After reading that passing rates are only about 10% for first time takers, I had to put in 200-300 hours of studying to have any hope. I knew that the CPA exam would be difficult, but geez it was tough. It’s doubtful I passed the first time, so ill be back on the studying bandwagon in a couple of weeks when my score is released. But now I have time to write, clean, teach, everything I have been neglecting while studying.

While I was on my hiatus, we reached 100 followers! Thank you all, I’ll try to be a better blogger from now on! I’m putting together a preschool themed giveaway in honor of going back to school this week, so stay tuned for that.

This weekend I’m working on getting the twins’ “classroom” set up and trying to plan out some things to work on this coming month. Once I get into a routine I’ll be sharing our preschool journey. I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend!

Until our next adventure,
Moving Mommy