Learning Apps for Littles

Over the last year or so I’ve been back and forth with myself about my kids’ use of technology. How much is too much? Should they be using it at all? I think the answer is different for everyone, but we do allow it in our house. We try to limit their screen time, although some days I could certainly be better about following through with it. I don’t believe that tablets are the best learning tools, but I do think that exposing them will be helpful in the long run. Luke started using iPads in class in kindergarten, and they have technology class once per week on top of that. I’ve compiled a list of apps that are educational and loved by my littles!

ABC Mouse- We bought a subscription to ABC Mouse after seeing the commercials for it 1 million times. It’s $7.95 per month and the app is free. It can also be done on a regular computer. I really like that it has specific learning paths designed by age and ability and the lessons are small and enjoyable. There are songs, chants for letter sounds, games, puzzles, and coloring. You can also add up to three children per account, and they will each be able to do the lessons at their own pace.

Letter School- I believe this one is $2.99, and it is one of my favorites for the twins. You trace letters, then write them on your own. It shows them the proper starting and ending points and is great for working on forming their letters properly.

Spelling City- I use this one a lot for my oldest’s spelling tests. You sign up for a free account at Spelling City, then enter your spelling list. You can then use the app or website to practice the words and play games, such as hangman, with them. It changes it up from just memorization and allows them to learn to use the words in sentences.

Doodle Buddy- There are plenty of drawing apps out there, and we use doodle buddy. It has a lot of features, including shake to erase which the kids enjoy!

Computer Carl- This is a great game for practicing addition and subtraction facts!

StoryKit- Luke loves this app! You can write and illustrate your own stories. They use this app in writer’s workshop at his school.

Zorbit’s Preschool Math- This app reinforces counting and numbers through fun games with Zorbit the alien!

Montessori Number Maze- This app is helpful with fine motor skills and sequencing!

What are your favorite apps for kids? We are always looking for new ways to learn!

Until our next adventure,
Moving Mommy